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Upcoming Workshop: Movimentos de Mulheres e Violência Urbana: Construindo Cidades Feministas'

The Feminist Cities CoLAB is running our first international workshop in May 2024 at the Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil. The workshop will bring together activists and researchers from across Latin America to discuss ongoing work concerning urban violence, and contemporary methods and strategies being used to build and imagine peaceful cities. The focus of this workshop will be on ‘feminist activism’, in order to think about what a ‘feminist city’ might look like, and investigate strategies for creating safer cities in the face of both everyday and spectacular forms of urban violence. 

Feminist activists and women’s movements have long been at the forefront of the fight for safer cities. Their actions are central to generating societal awareness and visibility; pressuring governments and state institutions to respond; and strengthening communities in their fight for more just and equal urban spaces. With a spike in gender-based violence and feminicide, and the responding rise of powerful and visible creative feminist activist movements, there is an urgent need for activists and researchers to collaborate and organize together, in order to share ideas and foster connections. 

The aim of the workshop will be twofold: to discuss current activist strategies and activist research, while also bringing people together to grow and strengthen collaborations, partnerships, and networks for future work together. 


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